Red Wine Isola dei Nuraghi IGT

“Is Ogus” is Sardinian for "eyes". The name refers to the two pits located on top of Monte Zara which are gates to the ancient Nuragic monuments, the mysterious Domus de Janas, perhaps the tombs of ancient Sardinians.

In fact, the eyes, is ogus, dominate the eine company's land as well as the surrounding plain. These eyes watch over and control everything and are witness to the history of the territory.

 Is Ogus was born under the protection of the eyes of the mountain, Cagnulari and Cabernet Sauvignon, harvested strictly by hand

This wine matures entirely in Slovenian oak barrels and refines for a few months in bottle. Velvety, captivating in its full flavours, it is a wine with a distinctive character, bringing with itself the history of those who have grown vines here since ancestral ages.

Variety Blend of red grapes (Cagnulari and Cabernet Sauvignon).

Area of ​​origin: Sardinia Region (Italy).

Soil: Loose, mostly sandy soil and rich in pebbles originated in rivers (fluvial origin)

Altitude: 100 meters above sea level.

Yield per hectare: 80 quintals / ha.

Training system: Cordon

Plant density: 5600 plants / ha.

Vinification: After a slow maceration with the grape skins, this wine completes the malolactic fermentation and its subsequent refinement in oak barrels.

Fermentation temperature: 22°C.

Duration of fermentation: 25-30 days.

Aging: Oak barrels.

Bottling season: Winter

Evolutionary capacity: 12 years.


Color: Ruby Red

Nose: Intense, characterized by olfactory notes reminiscent of small red fruits and wild berries. The finish is slightly spicy.

Taste: Warm and soft. With a good aromatic persistence and a harmonious finish.

Storage: Keep away from light, at a temperature of 15 ° C

Is Ogus | 75cl

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