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Monte Zara is above all a story of roots- and passion that those roots transmit. It’s the story about a grandfather who loved his vineyard and countryside so much, that he handed it to his young grandson, and it’s a beautiful story.

The old man and the child, one taking long strides and the other running along not to be left behind. As the sharing of knowledge takes place between the two, so does the understanding of land, time, the passing of seasons in the territory where this story takes place. It all begins in Ulatirso, Oristano province, in the area bordering Mandrolisai, renowned for its wines. Grandpa owned vineyards near San Mugheo, Atzara, Ortueli, three villages set in an area where excellent wine is still made today. Today’s passion for vineyards and countryside was born back then, walking with Grandpa on those cold, stinging air mornings, when school was off, when everyone else was still asleep.


When the family moved to Monastir, in Campidano region, those moments went suddenly missing. It was just about one hundred kilometers away, but basically another world. As soon as it was possible, on Saturdays and Sundays, the family would go back to the village to enjoy countryside hikes. 

Il crescere interrompe per un po’ questa storia: si diventa grandi e arrivano altri interessi, gli amici e poi i primi lavori: la vendita di moto e motorini.

But the countryside has always stayed in their heart and as soon as there was a chance, they were driven by passion, again.

In 2003, the purchase of an orchard and an orange grove; needless to say, they got their first vineyard, featuring a few thousand Vermentino vine pods. Pure passion: sometimes, during the harvest days there were even up to eighty people at their lunch table; Because love for the land is sharing the pleasure of living, too.
Perché la terra la si ama anche condividendone il piacere di viverla.

It was at that time that steady plans for building the company started off. An area was found, about one kilometre away from the town and 15 kilometres from Cagliari.

An amazing location.


This is how Monte Zara was born, little by little, with an ever-growing passion. The land has been cleared, purchased plot by plot.

In 2009, the shares for replanting were acquired and the following year about 10 hectares vineyards were planted in a total area of 15 hectares.

Sono state decise allora le disposizioni: nel versante est i rossi, Cagnulari, Barbera Sarda, Bovale, in quello nord-ovest Vermentino. 

The first harvest in 2014 saw the grapes harvested by other wineries or to individual producers; in 2015, the first in-house harvest took place.

Shortly thereafter, the building of the cellar began, slowly, at their pace. 
Nel 2017, i primissimi imbottigliamenti di Bovale 17 e di Sa Contessa. E poi le stagioni in crescendo: in qualità e in numeri. L’azienda ha ricevuto numerosi premi internazionali. 

The rest is current history.