Red Wine Isola dei Nuraghi IGT

Mappale 17 owes its name to the plot of land where the vine, the Bovaleddu, is cultivated, an ancient and almost forgotten autochthonous variety that carries a millennia-long history.

You can almost hear this story when you stroll through the vineyards, the wind softly shaking leaves and the vines almost seeming to talk. And they tell.

The soil is dark here on the slopes of Monte Zara, suggesting that there might be an ancient volcano here; the soil is mixed with brittle rock which has the potential of giving mineral richness to wines.

The mountain protects the wine yard from winter frosts and northern winds.

Mappale 17 refines in steel, is a deeply structured Sardinian red which breeds within it this amazing contradiction: only native vines yet with a very strong concept of ​​internationality.

It is in fact a wine designed to be appreciated wherever it is in the world.

Variety Bovaleddu 100%

Area of ​​origin: Sardinia Region (Italy).

Soil: Medium texture, mix of clay and sand.

Altitude: 120-150 meters above sea level.

Yield per hectare: 80 quintals / ha.

Training system: Cordon and Guyot.

Plant density: 5600 plants / ha.

Vinification: The hand-picked grapes come selected, destemmed and left to macerate for a medium-long set of time in steel vats in order to extract the entire poly-phenolic flavour range.

Fermentation temperature: 22°C.

Duration of fermentation: 20-25 days.

Aging: Sur lies.

Bottling season: Spring

Evolutionary capacity: 8 years.


Color: Ruby red

Nose: Fine and intense, with hints of Mediterranean scrub and red fruits such as cherries and currants.

Taste: Warm and soft. With a good aromatic persistence and a harmonious finish.

Storage: Keep away from light, at a temperature of 15 ° C